Gift Exchange

Need to swap out a gift? No prob!

Please find the order number printed on the invoice included with your shipment.

Please enter the gift recipient's zip code as it appeared on the shipping label.

Please enter the gift recipient's full name as it appeared on the shipping label.

Please enter the email address at which you'd like to receive your return shipping label and merchandise credit.

Not a Gift?

How it Works

Receive Gift!

Yay - someone bought you Icon! But it turns out that you need a different size, color, item…

Instantly Exchange

Receive a store voucher to shop for your replacement undies immediately. Your new pairs are sent to you right away - yippee!

Mail Back Original

Use the supplied return shipping label to send back the original gift pairs.

Common Questions

What information will I need to proceed?

You'll need the order number from the packing slip and delivery address zip code. We'll also ask you to confirm the reason for return (wrong size, style, etc.). Then you'll receive a voucher with the total eligible repurchase amount and can shop for your replacement pairs immediately.

Will the gift giver know that it has been exchanged?

The gift giver does not receive any notifications around this process whatsoever.

What if I decide to spend more than the voucher amount?

You can pay for any costs exceeding the gift exchange amount at checkout.

How will this exchange voucher work?

You'll get a shipping label for the pairs you return, plus a unique instant gift exchange voucher code. A link takes you back to Icon to shop 'til you drop and use the code at checkout. Purchases exceeding the gift exchange amount are paid for with the store's normal check-out methods.

How much time do I get to return the items?

It's best to send them back as soon as possible, but you have about 10 days to drop those return items in the mail so that they are received in time.

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